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Project structure


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The 6 WPs of the project are carefully designed to implement the necessary components and achieve its goals within 36 months. In order to ensure this as well as carefully manage its implementation, the project is broken down into three Phases:

Phase A of the project aims to a) define clinically relevant transatlantic scenarios that will combine EU-US models/data in order to drive the technological aspects of the TUMOR platform in WP2 and b) define the management structures (this has to be carefully designed in the “transatlantic context”) in WP1. Phase A duration is estimated from PM1 to PM8, completing milestone M1 (Definition of transatlantic clinically relevant scenarios)

Phase B of the project aims to a) implement an EU model repository and start collecting data and models according to the transatlantic scenarios, and adapt/optimize the necessary models in WP3. b) develop and deploy interoperable interfaces between the participating EU-US repositories in WP4 and c) Plan ahead the integration of all the project components into ‘transatlantic’ workflows that will allow remote data access and use of models and tools for enhanced research on cancer modeling according to the clinical questions/validation studies (previously defined in WP2).
Phase B represents the most challenging part of the project and it will cover PM8-PM28 to ensure that this crucial phase will be completed with success. This phase will complete M2 of the project (Decisions on design guidelines for EU repository (D3.1) and interoperability services (D4.1.1, D4.2.1))  by PM14 and M3 (Final web services, model mark-up to be integrated in WP5), by PM28.

Phase Cis the concluding phase of the project that will demonstrate an integrated interoperable workflow environment (WP5 final integration). The initial integrated workflow environment prototype will be tested and optimised in the last 6 months of the project. During the same period clinically relevant In silico modelling results concerning the application of clinically relevant workflows on data will be reported. This final phase will be completed and demonstrated in the third annual (and final) review of the project. Phase C, will therefore concern PM 28-36 and will complete M4 “Integrated, interoperable workflow environment prototype running” on PM30. 
The Gantt chart (Figure 5) depicts the timeline of the development and the Pert diagram (Figure 6) highlights the interactions and interdependencies of the different components of the project.


October 22 - 23, 20125th International Advanced Research Workshop on In Silico Oncology and Cancer Investigation - The TUMOR Project Workshop (Athens, GR).




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