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Overall strategy

The project will first organize and integrate cancer models that TUMOR partners have developed within existing EU projects (ACGT, ContraCancrum) into a ‘common’ EU cancer model repository in close collaboration with MGH-CViT in order to exploit its significant experience as a ‘global’ cancer model repository. This will ensure that all relevant models and clinical data will be gathered in an efficient way, always addressing the corresponding ‘transatlantic’ clinical scenarios and studies since all the above mentioned projects are clinically driven and validation is a part of their Description of Work (DoW). Furthermore, it will optimize integration work with MGH-CViT since all the clinically relevant models and data will be deposited in a mutually acceptable way thus minimizing interoperability issues.


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To combine the bottom-up with the top-down approach the Summarize & Jump strategy will be adopted.
The MGH bottom-up approach will focus on the lowest biocomplexity level (molecular level) where molecular interaction mechanisms will be modelled.
ICCS will undertake the tumour modelling at the tissue and higher levels of biocomplexity starting from the imaging data and integrating lower and lower biocomplexity levels (top-down approach)
In ACGT & ContraCancrum the following clinical scenarios are currently being implemented:

  • Nephroblastoma: Simulation of the response to preoperative chemotherapy in individual patients.
  • Lung cancer: Simulation of the response to targeted therapies in individual patients
  • Glioma: Simulation of treatment response in individual patients

The following figure shows the envisaged architecture of the TUMOR environment. The EU cancer model repository API is integrated with the MGH-CViT DMR API and relevant data sources for deploying specific transatlantic scenarios. VPH model markup language descriptions of employed models will guarantee interoperability.


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October 22 - 23, 20125th International Advanced Research Workshop on In Silico Oncology and Cancer Investigation - The TUMOR Project Workshop (Athens, GR).




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