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Concept and Objectives of the TUMOR project

Cancer is a highly complex and multi-scale disease. In order to better understand and subsequently treat the disease more effectively, a well orchestrated, global research cooperation is a sine qua non necessity. 
So far, a significant effort has been made on both sides of the Atlantic to develop and use models of pathophysiology in order to better understand human function and promote individualized, i.e. patient-specific optimization of disease treatment. 

The TUMOR project aims to link some of the most significant relevant EU VPH [Virtual Physiological Human]) projects on cancer modeling (i.e. ACGT [Advancing Clinicogenomic Trials on Cancer], ContraCancrum [Clinically Oriented Cancer Multilevel Modelling] and the US project CViT [Center for the Development of a Virtual Tumor]).

Models and data will drive advances in cancer modeling with the ultimate goal to build a strong bridge that will pave the way for an integrated, interoperable transatlantic research environment offering the best available models and tools for clinically oriented cancer modeling and serving as an international validation/ clinical translation platform for predictive, in silico oncology. 

To achieve this ambitious goal, the TUMOR project has the following specific objectives:

  1. To define/develop a European clinically oriented, semantic layered cancer multi-scale digital model/data repository from existing EU projects in order to minimize interoperability work with various EU project platforms thus saving resources and ensure that sensitive data issues are addressed altogether by the hospital provider.
  2. To build-up interoperable interfaces between this repository and the US semantic-layered digital model repository CViT [Center for the Development of a Virtual Tumor] being NIH/NCI caGRID compatible
  3. To develop and/or provide  specific tools and methods for collection, curation, validation and customization  of existing models and clinical data of EU projects and MGH-CViT DMR
  4. To implement/demonstrate an integrated, interoperable transatlantic ‘predictive oncology’ workflow environment prototype (remote data access, application of tools/models, visualization of results in the ‘transatlantic’ context).
  5. To address specific clinical questions/scenarios that will drive the development of all the above and demonstrate the added value of TUMOR in applying shared models/data in common, clinically relevant ‘transatlantic’ studies.

October 22 - 23, 20125th International Advanced Research Workshop on In Silico Oncology and Cancer Investigation - The TUMOR Project Workshop (Athens, GR).




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